EDUCIAN is a Web Application : A cloud software which is always online, which means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. There is no additional setup required and required on school premises, no worries to backup your data and no worries of securing it. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account and start using it.
EDUCIAN is Management software for educational institutions for learning, administration and management activities. It manages all elements of institution information system including students, courses, exams, fee, transportation, hostel, library, teachers and employees.   


 EDUCIAN is an end-to-end solution to automate and manage all aspects of the student activities from the point of admission to graduation.
The comprehensive list of EDUCIAN features/modules are listed below.


EDUCIAN provide extremely easy dashboard for Teacher,management staff and administrators. 


Comprehensive admission form,Multiple guardian option,Previous school information and other features. 

Time Table

Easy timetable creation. Easy allocation of Teacher schedule. Easy to view & change the time table.


Easy marking of attendance.Touch enabled tabled/ cell phone marking. Remarks for attendance per students.


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Exams & Report Cards

Extensive exam reporting, Effective system to print mark sheets. Report center with detailed class and student level reports.


Manage and optimize your entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students to and from school. 


You can now efficiently manage and track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloging of books to maintaining records of books issued and overdue, and a lot more.

Advanced Features

Approvals & Workflows

System supports the configurable workflow module.
This will allow institute to initiate the approval escalations based on the institutes polices

Migrate to EDUCIAN

We'll help & provide migration tools to load all the existing data (Import from any other system) to EDUCIAN and therefore maintain the historical data for future use 

Backups & Security

EDUCIAN will maintain data backups, you'll never lose data.Passwords and sensitive data are encrypted at the database level.