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News image is Kashmir's largest online B2B marketplace for Small & Medium Size Businesses, connecting global buyers with suppliers. The company offers a platform & tools to suppliers to generate business leads from millions of buyers, who use the platform to find reliable & competitive suppliers in Kashmir. The company has 35 employees located in Srinagar offices. Its existing investors include LeLafe IT Solutions.
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CRMngle is online (Software-as-a-Service) SaaS system. Save your needless IT hassles, software installations, upgrades and maintenance, and focus on what really matters - Your core Business.

IT Consulting Services

LeLafe offers a complete range of customized IT Consulting Services designed to meet your needs at an affordable price. Stable Information Technology systems that are securely available to local and remote workers are the foundation of a successful business. By improving customer service, accelerating time to market for new products and services, and reducing operational costs, IT consulting services can help to create a critical competitive advantage for your company.

LeLefe’s management and support of your IT network is implemented remotely and through regular on-site visits. Our Centralized Services include the Client Support Center (CSC) and Network Operations Center (NOC), which work together with your local technology management consultants to act as the cornerstone of your IT consulting team.

Our Client Support Center also provides you with remote phone support from seasoned technical experts for server, desktop, and network issues. Working in conjunction with your technology management consultants, LeLafe’s CSC delivers fast and efficient service during regular business hours, as well as offering emergency after hour help in case an issue arises that needs our immediate attention. All this ensures your IT environment is safeguarded 24/7.

LeLafe’s IT consulting services can help you devise a strategic plan for your business. We will aid you in stabilizing and securing your current IT environment, and work with you as you plan the future phases of your business by recommending the most appropriate strategy for your success-- all without having to burden your business with the cost of a full-time IT staff. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, LeLeafe supplements your IT needs with on-demand experts.

Benefits of bringing in a reputable IT consulting firm like LeLafe:

• Gain time to focus on core business functions

• Tap economies of scale and purchasing power

• Access to highly specialized talent

• Reduce downtime

• Get a technology edge over your competitors

• Increase productivity through smart use of technology


10 Benefits of Using a Professional IT Consulting Firm

• Gain Time To Focus On Core Business Functions

• Tap Economies Of Scale And Purchasing Power

• Reduce Cost And Control Operating Expenses

• Access Highly Specialized Talent

• Obtain On-Demand Resources

• Improve Productivity

• Reduce Downtime

• Realize Technology Edge Over Competitors

• Attract and Retain Employees

• Access to Otherwise Unavailable Vendor Support